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Fast 30 видео


The batching plant EUROMOBIL4 FAST30 is Euromecc latest product, characterized by the use of high technology and materials and components of quality, it enlarges the range of mobile concrete batching plants of the series Fast.

EUROMOBIL4 FAST30 is designed to meet the growing needs to reduce installation time on site. It’s the mobile plant ideal for the construction firms and for ready-mix concrete producers which require high performance and high quality concrete. It consists of two modular elements – aggregates storage unit and mixing unit - pre-assembled and pre-wired, allowing to move quickly from the transport configuration to the working one. It can be transported by 2 container open top 40" or 2 standard road trailer. Aggregate storage group is divided into 4 sections with double-side ramp.

EUROMOBIL4 FAST30 is equipped with a planetary mixer MEP of 1 m3 of vibrated concrete output per cycle, designed and manufactured also by Euromecc, as a result of the careful studies made during more than 40 years of experience in the concrete world.

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